What is your booking process?

 For Semi-Custom Wedding Stationery, simply purchase the invitation design you like by selecting the card stock and quantities you need. We will get in touch with you within 1-3 business days to discuss wedding invitation details, colours and available add ons with you. If you are after something similar to one of our Semi-Custom designs or a complete bespoke invitation design, please send through an enquiry with your wedding stationery requirements.  For all wedding service bookings, we will provide a contract and timeline for you to sign to finalise your booking.


How far in advance should I book in my wedding save the dates and invitations?

Semi-Custom Invitations take approximately 3-4 weeks and a Custom Suite can take anywhere between 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. However,  we think it's never too early to start chatting about all the beautiful details of your wedding stationery design, so get in touch to chat.


How many wedding invitations will I need?

Firstly, it is good to note that you do not need as many invitations as you do guests. Remember that only one wedding invitation set is needed per couple, per family or per solo individual. 

We always advise to get a few extras wedding invitations just in case of last minute changes and drop outs. It is always more expensive to get an extra run of smaller numbers due to printing set up costs. We offer our Semi-Custom Wedding Invites in quantities of 10 with a minimum of 30.


What print methods do you offer?

All of our Semi-Custom Invitation Designs are digitally printed in your choice of black, white or a coloured ink. We will work with you to select your perfect colour combinations. Depending on the Collection, there may be optional upgrades to one of our luxe print methods below.

Minimum order of 50 pieces apply

Letterpress is a luxurious print method that involves pressing your wedding invitation design into a thick cardstock to give a pillowy and de-bossed effect. Each design is individually made into a plate, allowing the text and outlines to be imprinted into the paper. This print method can be used without an ink colour for a 'blind deboss' of your design. If a colour is used, each colour is mixed by hand, and then applied to the letterpress machinery rollers. Each piece of card is fed through and pressed individually.

Minimum order of 50 pieces apply

Foiling is very similar to letterpress printing, but instead of inks, a metallic shiny foil is used. The foil is available in a variety of colours and your wedding invitation design is pressed into the paper with a hot plate. We can offer this print method in small areas on our Semi-Custom Collection to create a subtle and elegant shimmer.


Can I rush my wedding invitation order?

Please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate. Depending on our schedule and time of year for weddings, there may be an additional rush fee of 20%.


What elements can I customise on the Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations?

So many! All customisable elements are detailed on each of our Semi-Custom Suite descriptions and include colours of the invitation card, wedding envelopes and wording. Depending on the design, we can customise the calligraphy style of your names on the formal wedding invite. We also offer add ons such as stamps, wax seals, envelope liners that we can discuss during the design process.

We also have an envelope guest addressing service in both digital print and hand calligraphy options.


Can I see colours and details to make sure I like the final design?

  Yes, of course! As part of our design process for both Semi-Custom wedding invitations and bespoke stationery designs, we provide mockups of your colour combinations plus any add ons you may be interested in. Also included in this process is one round of review and revision, where we can update the mockup before it is sent off to the printers.

If further revisions are required, there may be additional design charges.


Can I add individual guest names to wedding invitations or wedding day menus?

Absolutely! We love personalisation and can offer this service in two ways. We can calligraphy by hand or digitally add names in a variety of font styles to each individual piece of stationery. 

Meaningful Keepsakes are our love language so chat to us about creating a personalised place card which can double as a wedding favour keepsake. 

For Semi-Custom Invitations, this service may be dependant on the design. 


Do you print your stationery in house?

No, we don’t. We outsource our printing to various small businesses based in both New Zealand and Australia, depending on the print method used. We like to stay focused on the stuff we’re good at and use specialist printers for each different type of print job so you can get the highest quality every time. It's all in the details!


I already have a design, can you print it for me?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service.


Wedding Signage / Day-of Stationery


How far in advance should I book for wedding signage / day-of stationery?

We recommend booking 3-4 months in advance or earlier as it's never too early to chat beautiful wedding details! However, we understand it has been tough during Covid to plan things too far in advance, so if for any reason, your wedding day is coming up sooner than that, get in touch and we will see what we can do.

We get back in touch to confirm your wedding day details such as guest names, numbers and menu 4 weeks before the wedding. So don't worry if you are not sure on the specifics when you book, you will not pay for what you don't need.


Do you hire stands for wedding signage?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service right now.


Do I get to see a mockup of the wedding signage design?

Always! We are visual people and understand the need to see designs and how you and your fiancé's names will be written together on the wedding welcome sign!

As part of the custom signage design process, you will be sent a design questionnaire to fill in with all your Pinterest ideas and preferences. We then put together a mockup of all your wedding signage; welcome sign, seating plan, bar sign, wishing well etc for you to approve before handcrafting your final wedding signs. 

Included in this process is one round of review and revision, where we can update the mockup. If further revisions are required, there may be additional design charges.