EASY DIY // Upcycled Textured Vases

EASY DIY //  Upcycled Textured Vases

We had a major clear out recently which resulted in finding a whole lot of random jars, containers, bottles and old vases that no longer suited the aesthetics of our home.

Before I threw them out, I thought I would have a go at upcycling them and now they are part of my favourite wee shelfie!


- 3 pots of paints in current on trend colours that you like. (I purchased Resene test pots in terracotta, white and blush, but you can also use acrylic craft paint.)
- Baking soda
- Paintbrushes (I used a wide flat brush to paint all the vases, and a thinner round brush to add white line detail on a couple of vases).


- To prepare the paint: simply mix the baking soda into your paint and stir well. Start with approximately 2 parts paint and 1 part baking soda.
- You should see the paint thicken up and get a bit grainy. In my opinion, the thicker the better, so keeping adding until you have a runny paste. This will give you that beautiful sandy matt texture.
- Grab your paintbrush and start painting. I apply the paint using a 'dabbing' motion so that you can see more texture and less of the brush strokes. 
- Wait for it to dry and apply another coat. 

P.S The great thing about this baking soda paint is that you do NOT need to prime your surface. YAY!

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