How to choose a wedding jacket style

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Are you planning to get married during Autumn, Winter or Spring? A hand-painted bespoke wedding jacket might just be the perfect fashion addition for those cooler evenings.

Here are 6 key jacket styles to help you find one that suits you and your wedding dress. 

The Biker Jacket

Versatile, timeless and chic.

A biker jacket gives your wedding dress an urban edge and is so easy to wear after the wedding day. Choose from a variety of colours and price range to suit your budget. Readily available in faux or real leather, Zara is the queen in this jacket style and always has great options. The biker jacket suits any body shape and wedding dress style, instantly making any moment effortlessly chic.

The Denim Jacket

Makes for a whimsical, dreamy moment.

Immediately relaxes your wedding dress style to give it a casual and bohemian vibe. Picture endless meadows with the perfect amount of golden hour lighting, as you capture breathtaking photos. The denim jacket suits any body shape and wedding dress style. Choose a studded jacket for a bit of edge or a coloured denim jacket to inject some added personality.

The Cropped Jacket

The perfect silhouette for a princess style wedding dresses to complement the fuller bottom. Drape it softly across your shoulders for a beautiful just married photograph.

The cropped jacket suits any body shape, however it is a stunning option for the more petite bride as it gives the illusion of length. Tailor it to suit your dress by selecting from a range of denim, faux leather, leather or faux fur.  

A great option for a modest bride and allows your gown to remain front and centre.

The Oversized Jacket

This style generally suits a taller bride, however if you can find one in a petite size where it is made to fit a shorter body, it works beautifully. Automatically gives a cool street vibe, this style is best paired with a figure hugging gown.

The Cape

The full length cape provides a chic, polished and dramatic look. Currently on trend and available in a variety of fabrics or lace. This bold option can be attached onto the dress or draped over your shoulders for casual elegance.

The cape complements any body shape, however is better suited to a fitted wedding gown with or without a train. 

The Shearling / Fur Collar Jacket

An added bit of luxe.  This is a perfect option for the winter months or if you are getting married somewhere with snow capped mountains. For a more versatile option, look for a jacket with a removable shearling collar or inners so you can get the best of both worlds.

If you would like to get one of our beautiful bespoke designs hand lettered onto a jacket, get in touch with us!

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