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Authentic, chilled, fun and an all round lovely guy that we have had the pleasure to get to know via good ol’ Instagram. We think David’s style of documentary journalism with a little bit of creative portraiture is pure magic.


Please tell us a bit about you and how you started your amazing business.

A few years back I had my close friend’s photographer pull out a couple weeks before their wedding and they asked if I'd be keen to do the photos for their day. I had no camera and was doing design at the time. I didn't want to let them down so said yes, had two weeks to suss a camera, learn a few things and take some snaps. Fast forward to today, a bit of study, working two jobs and a lot of hustle and I'm doing it as my full time gig.


What wedding services do you offer?

I offer wedding photography throughout New Zealand. As well as a couple of other offerings, first being a photo and video collab with Sink or Surface and my own custom Wedding Magazine Albums.


Describe your style and aesthetics in 3 words.

Authentic, chilled, fun


Where are you based and are you available nationwide?

Based in the Central North Island but always roaming around Aotearoa.


Advice for couples when choosing vendors to work with?

Make sure their personality, vibe and work ethic are up to your expectations. Especially with vendors that you'll interact with directly on the day. On the day people will be nervous and excited, be it you, your mum or bridesmaids. So you don't want a vendor coming in hot and stressy which throws that balance off. Also reach out to friends or other vendors to see who they recommend from experience from their own days or previous weddings.


What is your most commonly asked question from wedding couples?

What time should we have the ceremony? Think about where the sun/light will be if you're having an outdoor wedding especially during the summer. A mid afternoon ceremony in the scorching heat and direct sun of the day is not ideal not just for photos, but you and your guests. So find out when sunset to give you idea of how much light you have and the location of the sun during the day and talk to your photographer to help get the best result.


 How can couples get started on setting priorities and budgets for their big day?

Figure out what your big ticket items or non negotiables are, get those locked in and see what else is left in the budget and work your way down. Also, to help justify the cost of certain things. Look at it as an investment for the lifetime of your marriage rather than a one off cost on the day.


Tips for how a wedding couple can inject their personalities into their big day?

Don't worry about tradition and just do you. Who cares what everyone else is doing and just have and do what you love.


What is your favourite part of your job and being in the New Zealand wedding industry?

I've meet some bloody talented creatives, great people and awesome couples. It's those connections that I enjoy the most. It turns it from being a job into just a bloody good day experiencing and documenting one of the happiest days in a person life.


Your favourite wedding trend at the moment?

People are having some mint outdoor lounging and cocktail set ups. I've seen some beautiful setups done by Mustard Folk and Flock Events - who doesn't enjoy a cocktail or beer in the open air lounging under the stars.


Best wedding song to kickstart the dance floor? 

I've never heard it played officially at a wedding but I'd throw my hat in the ring and say Darude, Sandstorm. But there are so many songs and different vibes for wedding days. Whatever you choose, you either want a song that brings the oldies or the ladies on to the dance floor, if you don't have them engaged, you're playing the wrong music.


When you are not working, you are.......?

...Still hustling. Then once that's done, just hanging with my friends and fam, eating, drinking, all that good stuff.

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